Albertsons employees can use Direct2HR to access their hours, payroll information, performance and more, both on and off the job site. Securing these applications is essential because they contain confidential information about the company and employees.

Access to the portal is very simple and the registration process only takes a few minutes. If you still have problems or questions about accessing the portal, they will be addressed in the next section.

Direct2HR – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact customer service in the Albertson Employee Resource Center?

  • Albertons customer service is 1-877-276-9637. accessible
  • Albertsons Companies Technology Support Center: 1-877-286-3200

What information can be displayed in the Direct2hr application?

The Direct2HR Safeway app is a complete solution for employees to easily access their personal data. With this application we can check the following details:

  • Payment details
  • leave details
  • The HR department answered frequently asked questions
  • Find out more about your status in the online archive
  • Corresponding coordinates can be called up.
  • Personal data can be perfectly saved

What unique benefits does Safeway offer to employees?

Safeway is known for being a leading company that emphasizes cultural diversity in the way it works. They ensure that all employees are healthy and mentally productive. To ensure employee satisfaction, they offer a competitive compensation package. With them, they guarantee the balance of employees at all levels so that they invest in their work and give as much as possible.

What is the Albertsons Wellness Discount?

The wellness discount is included in the Albertsons Family Business financial health category, with the goal of offering employees membership and discounts at a gym. You can use this option instead.

Can you talk about a health insurance bill?

Offers perfect reimbursement options for health concerns. This is available to authorized personnel to cover your medical expenses and anything beyond payment options.

What is MySchedule?

This is one of Albertson’s services. This only applies to retail employees in East, Denver, Houston, Inter-mountain, Northern Cal, Portland, Seattle, Southwest, and Southern. You can view weekly plans and request time off. To access MySchedule, enter your employee ID or LDAP username and password.